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- "Don Bartolo(role with perhaps the most difficult aria of the opera),was approached correctly by Sergio Gallardo". 
El Mercurio September 20th, 2008

- "Vocally very well and playing amusingly his rol as Don Bartolo, we watched Sergio Gallardo, who showed quite confidence in his devilish”Un dottor della mia sorte”
Emol September 26th, 2008

- "Sergio Gallardo had no problem with his role as Tadeo. Vocally impecable. Changed the timbre when necessary (el “Concertatto” end of first act.) displaying a hilarious performance as it happened when he is nomínate “Kaimakan” or in his duet with Mustafa“Pappataci”
Emol November 9th, 2009

- "The chilean bass-baritone, Sergio Gallardo (Taddeo) is also conquering a good consegration trophy as he played so well a rol which demands many theatrical and musical abilities".
Las Ultimas Noticias Nov 2009

- "The baritone Sergio Gallardo, much more solvent, with a powerful voice, managed to save the rhythmic mismatched trombone in the “Tuba mirum”)".
Emol April 23th, 2004

- "Sergio Gallardo sang a magnificente “Ah” Cedi, cedí, persuading Lucia to dismiss her love for Edgardo".

El Merccurio August 24th, 2009

-"Sergio Gallardo's Bartolo, remarkable and agile". Le Commercial, France May 18th, 2011


-"Sergio Gallardo is a Bartolo of good line". Opera Magazine, France May 2011.


-"Sergio Gallardo made fully his Bartolo, despite his young age and it´s so credible finally". Utmisol, France March 29th, 2011


-"Sergio Gallardo sang honorably the hard aria "Un dottor della mia sorte". Forumopera, France March 28th, 2011


-The baritone Sergio Gallardo was Don Bartolo, splendid in the gestures of the old character, his face tells you everything he sings, the parrot resuscitation, as well as one with Don Alonzo. Great his Aria scolding Rosina ,  the contabile and the quick tongue twister section,  which was simply remarkable. Emol, 2013.


-Sergio Gallardo achieves the interpretation of Don Bartolo that the public expects with many details of regie, good empathy with the audience.  Correct vocal


-Coveted is the role of Leporello, Don Giovanni's servant, who in addition to watching his employer's back, must also assume the consequences of his behavior. This nice character, and somewhat cynical, has to assume how fickle and servile he must be with his master, but with somewhat buffoonish characteristics; Sergio Gallardo's great experience made him a winner, his dialogues with Giovanni, his comic “Catalogue”, and the terror of the final scene, confirm him as a great figure on our stages. (Visiones Críticas 2021).

-Taddeo received from Sergio Gallardo, our great bufo baritone, a great characterization, full of tics, which accentuated everything marked by the régie, he not only plays with the rest of the characters, he also plays with the public, who He adores it, and if the wonderful singer that he is is added to the above, where he sings coloraturas and “tongue twisters” with amazing ease, it is obvious that he was another of the great winners. It's hard to say which of his scenes is the best. (Visiones Críticas 2019).

-It is not strange that Sergio Gallardo had a great result, his vast experience made him triumph not only in the recitative with which the sung part begins, but also in the complete harmonic support of the soloists. (Visiones Críticas 2020).

-Until the entrance of the baritone Sergio Gallardo, who with incredible poise made the great call to discover the sounds of joy that will unite men, with a wonderful voice, impeccable diction, but above all with the precise character he turned upside down in interpretation. (Visiones Críticas 2019).

-Sergio Gallardo was Don Geronio, who taking advantage of his great ability to really become his characters, now created a very funny husband tormented by the infidelities of Fiorilla, his wife; vocally in excellent condition, without problems in tongue twisters, it is always a guarantee of professionalism; the various emotional states he goes through, almost end up moving. (Visiones Críticas 2015).

-Sergio Gallardo, who was Don Magnifico, demonstrated once again why he has not only conquered the public in our country, because he is developing a great career abroad, he is a great bufo bass-baritone, his performance is outstanding, he goes through all the moods of his character and vocally, he not only manages the coloraturas, but also the incredible tongue twisters perfectly. (VIsiones Críticas 2017).

-Sergio Gallardo, as expected, showed off his high level, which confirms him as one of the best in the country in his voice. (ADN 2018).

-The interpretative quality of the bass-baritone Sergio Gallardo was not surprising, since he knows Rossini inside and out and he shows it, even in very distant circumstances, like this one, from the buffo roles with which he has delighted us on other occasions. Gallardo stood out in his facet as bass and baritone indistinctly, technical and expressive display that enriched the delivery by putting the most dramatic and lacerating note of the evening. (Toda la Cultura 2018).

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